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About Prestige Clinic

Prestige Clinic specializes in the treatment of children and adults for ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. We are devoted to applying the science of psychiatry in a warm and supportive atmosphere. The process is simple, direct and confidential.

Prestige Clinic Principles

Our clinic's philosophy toward treatment of psychiatric disorders is not only applying western medicine techniques but also utilizing holistic approaches and nutritional means.

We integrate all of the standard medical and clinical treatments with a broad range of lifestyle, nutritional, expressive, and complimentary approaches to health and wellness.

Prestige Clinic Team
Haideh Mirmesdagh M.D.

Dr. Mir, the medical director, finished her general psychiatry residency through Cornell University in New York, one of the most prominent residency programs in the country. She earned her medical degree at the University of Vienna in Austria. She also has held an Austrian license in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has extensive experience in Family and Internal Medicine. She has utilized Acupuncture in developing individual Wellness programs in European clinics.

Haideh Mirmesdagh
Terra Tyler, M.D. Bio

Dr. Tyler is a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist and is board certified in general psychiatry. She received her Doctor of Medicine from University of Arkansas .Dr. Tyler finished her general psychiatry residency and her fellowship in child and adolescence at University of Louisville in Kentucky, where she was also chief resident. She was awarded with The John Bell Emergency Psychiatry Award in 2011 and as outstanding resident in Community Psychiatry in 2012. Dr. Tyler has provided clinical care through psychiatric evaluations and treatments in a community care setting to children and Adolescents.

Terra Tyler
Ellen Lee, M.D. Bio

Dr. Ellen Lee is an adult psychiatrist who specializes in treatment of mood, anxiety disorders, ADHD. She received her Doctor of Medicine from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas and her residency training at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Lee practices integrative psychiatry combining conventional and complementary medicine in the treatment of psychiatric conditions. In addition to medication management, Dr. Lee offers simple, practical, and cost-effective solutions in diet, nutrition, and supplementation to help her patients achieve optimal mental and physical health.

Terra Tyler